Amir Salari

About Me

Born in October 1977, Amirreza Salari is a distinguished Iranian artist with a Master’s degree in Cinema and Visual Communication from the University of Tehran. Under the tutelage of eminent figures such as Bahram Bayzaei, Abbas Kiarostami, and Babak Bayat, Amir has honed his skills and broadened his horizons.

His oeuvre is notably diverse, spanning not only the realms of film direction and production but also the avant-garde disciplines of video mapping, installation art, video art, land art, water screen projection, and light art. This interdisciplinary approach has brought him accolades, including a prestigious UNESCO honorary diploma, recognizing him for his exemplary contributions to the field of new arts.

Significantly, Amir holds the distinction of being the pioneering Iranian artist to academically design and execute a video mapping project at the University of Tehran. His artistic expressions, which intersect the domains of architecture, cinema, music, and performance, oscillate between abstraction and realism. Through ingenious use of light, Amir crafts interactive spaces, imbued with color harmonies and intricate line geometries. These visual symphonies are complemented by audio elements, together offering multi-sensory experiences. Despite their inherent complexity, his creations invariably resonate with audiences, transcending the intricacies of oriental art.

Beyond standalone showcases, Salari’s works have graced the interiors of esteemed institutions, national landmarks like the Freedom Tower, and a plethora of festivals, exhibitions, galleries, concerts, and commercial ventures globally.

In his recent project, “Rooz-e Alast (Day of Alast)”, Amir embarks on an evocative journey, melding images of spheres, stars, and luminous clouds with harmonious musical elements. This immersive experience, he explains, is meant to evoke a profound appreciation for the infinite beauty and meticulous intricacies of the universe, engaging the audience from a quantum to a cosmic perspective.